The new network map introduced in Version 1.6

SCR Version 1.6 was an update released to the public on June 22nd, 2020. This update, nicknamed the 'Rebrand' by this community brought a full Stepford Connect and Waterline rebrand, a Connect extension to a new area Willowfield, and Morganstown became a triple line Interchange upon a new Waterline shuttle from Morganstown to Benton. This route is known as R015. The update was going to release on the 23rd of June, but when it was released BanTech stated "We ran out of bugs so we figured there's no point holding it overnight if all our testing was complete".

Official Update Features

  • Willowfield extension including new stations Beechley, Hemdon Park and Willowfield.
  • New siding (Beechley Sidings) for 7 routes to Stepford Victoria.
  • New siding (Morganstown Siding) for Morganstown Shuttle.
  • New Bypass Siding (Coxly Bypass Siding) for trains which start after Coxly.
  • Coxly Depot replaced with Coxly Station Siding.
  • 8 new routes and an extra exclusive Class 68 route.
  • Rebuilds of Stepford Victoria, Stepford High Street, Stepford UFC and Coxly.
  • Stepford City scenery upgrade with lots of scenery replacement, including new seating.
  • Part Streaming rewrite including automatic throttling and priority zones.
  • Stepford Connect rebranding, first introduced with the Class 380 rolled out to entire fleet.
  • Waterline rebranding finished with the Class 508 and 319 receiving a rebrand.
  • Baseplates now are allowed to be walked on.
  • Morganstown <-> Benton shuttle for 2 car Waterline trains added.
  • New remodelled mesh signals that reduce lag.
  • Better track despawning.
  • Core signalling system rewritten, reducing processing and increasing reliability.
  • Smart procedure for Multi-SPADs that means you can't get trapped.
  • As a result of Multi-SPAD upgrades, Leighton Stepford Road introduced as a terminus for two new routes to Westwyvern and Llyn-by-the-Sea.
  • New badge.
  • Lighting adjustments.
  • Default fog now changed to the Atmosphere system.
  • Teleport failure handling now prevents a rejoin required.
  • Tweaks and fixes to Train HUD messages.
  • Tweaks and fixes to dispatch timing (relating to scheduling).
  • Tweaks and fixes to OFF indicator positioning and availability.
  • Tweaks and fixes to platform length announcements.
  • Tweaks and fixes to spawn location orientations.
  • RoPrescence support.

Reception and Community Feedback

  • The Class 707 was criticised for having a debatable livery extending to the front.


  • The Willowfield extension is probably the extension in SCR with the least sneak peeks before release. It only had one sneak peek of the extension, showing Beechley.
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