Stepford County Railway Wiki

Version 1.4 was an update to Stepford County Railway that introduced the Stepford Connect extension beyond Edgemead and a new operator, Stepford Express. It was released on the 17th of December 2019 at 11:00 UTC. It also fixed a past Roblox bug where servers kept on continuously crashing in SCR.

New in V1.4

Updates that didn't fit in V1.4, but came/will come in upcoming patches

  • roPresence support (added in V1.6).
  • An upgraded Leighton City (added in V1.4.1).
  • An easier way for managers to reward group members with points for taking part in community events (unknown if added).
  • Full sound system redo for trains (in progress)
  • More depots/spawn points for trains (some have been added in V1.4.1 and V1.6 but not many).
  • An improvement to the part streaming system (added in V1.6).
  • Class 319 and Class 321 Next Generation upgrades (added in V1.4.1).


  • This update is infamous for being leaked to the public by SCR Leaks before its release.