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SCR Version 1.2 is a major update in Stepford County Railway that included the opening of a new branch on Stepford Connect. It was released on April 28th, 2019 at 21:15 BST in a rather surprising form with no announcements prior to the release.

New in V1.2

New branch to Whitefield opens. The extension line splits off from other Stepford Connect routes at Stepford East, and the line goes through Stepford High Street, Whitefield Lido, Stepford United Football Club, Woodhead Lane, Houghton Rake and Whitefield. Two new terminuses Whitefield and Stepford United Football Club were introduced, and headcodes U and W were added. All of the newly added stations are dispatchable as of now. Four routes were added between Stepford Central and Stepford Victoria to Stepford UFC and Whitefield

New desk 1A was installed in Stepford East ROC which controls the newly extended area. There were a few modifications on desk positions in the signalling room.

The update also included an upgrade on first person camera mode and a few bug fixes/improvements.


  • Whitefield station's model remains the same from the original map, which angered some players as they wanted the station to undergo a modernisation, which it finally got it in Version 1.4.1.
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