In Stepford County Railway (SCR), there are uniforms that are given to you depending on your rank. On the 24th of July 2019, Product Developer OverheadWires released photos of new uniform. There was a official uniform for Drivers previously which cost 15 Robux, however this was made out of use following Version 1.0. SCR also had old higher role uniform.

Some uniforms can be bought for your avatar outside of SCR.

Due to Charlie's inventory having been made private, you cannot see the old uniforms, purchase them or download them unless you have the link or template already.

Old Uniforms


  • In version 1.5, guards were introduced. Though guards are given uniforms in-game, their uniforms are not available for sale for your avatar outside SCR.
    • There are 5 versions of Guard uniforms - one version for each operator (worn when guarding a train) and a general guard uniform (worn when not guarding a train).
  • In version 1.6, Stepford Connect, Waterline and Airlink received a rebrand with new logos, but their Dispatcher uniforms (and also guard uniforms for Airlink) are still yet to be updated accordingly. Their uniforms are now updated in 1.7.
  • Before SCR Version 1.7, there are no Express version DS Shirt, so dispatchers at Westwyvern, the only station that is managed by Stepford Express at that time, are given the general Network Rail DS shirt given for Dispatchers at Network Rail operated stations such as Stepford East and St Helens Bridge instead.
  • Unlike Dispatcher and Guards, there were no individual Trainee Driver uniforms for each operator. However, for Qualified Driver + there are individual uniforms for each operator.
  • In SCR Version 1.7, the dispatcher uniforms are being updated in accordance to the rebranding of operators, and driver uniforms of each operator has also been added, but these uniforms are not available for sale for your avatar outside SCR.
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