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Template:LineR009 is a Stepford Connect route that is exclusive to the Class 68. The route runs from Stepford Victoria to Edgemead.


  • This is the only route in Stepford County Railway to only have one train.
  • This is the longest route in Stepford County Railway. (23 minutes though can be later due to tight timetables and delays), although this will likely be beaten soon due to the upcoming extension beyond Edgemead.
  • This route skips Financial Quarter, City Hospital, Angel Pass, Benton Bridge, and Rocket Parade.
  • This route is not shown on the map.
  • This is the most skipping connect service; however, it does not classify as an express service due to the number of stations still being called at.
  • For a day, this train was able to glitch onto other routes using the "Change Route at Terminus" glitch. Many took advantage of this and posted pictures of this train at Airport Central. Likewise, other trains were also able to glitch onto the Class 68 exclusive route, which was also taken advantage of with, many people taking the Class 357 on R009.

    Class 170 #170461 doing a glitchy route to Stepford Victoria from Edgemead.

This route calls at: