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R009 is a Stepford Connect route that runs from Stepford Victoria to Edgemead. The route is 12.51 miles (20.13 kilometres) long, and takes approximately 28 minutes to complete.

Stepford Victoria - Edgemead (R009)
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  • Prior to Version 1.7.2, this route was exclusive to the Class 68 and was included with the purchase thereof. With the release of said version, this route was changed to be free and shown for all trains.
  • It is possible to go from Stepford Victoria to Llyn-by-the-Sea without the Class 68 or Class 444 if the player owns both R009 and R040 (Edgemead <> Llyn-by-the-Sea).
    • Alternatively, they can use the free R045 and the 300-point R037 to do this journey.
  • This was the longest route in Stepford County Railway (28 minutes, though can be later due to tight timetables and delays, with a route length of 12.51 miles (20.13 kilometres), until the extension to Llyn-by-the-Sea was released in V1.4, with new routes: R024, R025, and R026, which became the longest until V1.6, when it was beaten by R036.

    Class 170 #170461 in the old Connect livery doing a glitchy route to Stepford Victoria from Edgemead.

  • This route skips Financial Quarter, City Hospital, Angel Pass, and Upper Staploe.
  • After the removal of Edgemead Siding, this route now has Faymere Green NB Depot as a spawn point, where trains use the passing Stepford Express tracks to skip Faymere and arrive at Edgemead.
  • When the ability to change routes at terminals was first introduced, other trains were able to glitch onto this Class 68 exclusive route using the "Change Route at Terminus" function, which was taken advantage of by many people, who took the Class 170 and other trains to do this route.
  • This route was seldom driven by drivers in the past, due to it being exclusive to Class 68, one of the most expensive trains in SCR which is not owned by most players. This situation became more prevalent after the Llyn extension opened in V1.4, as most drivers choose to drive routes going to Westwyvern or Llyn-by-the-Sea rather than terminating at Edgemead after that update. However, once this route became a free route for all trains in V1.7.2, its usage sharply increased. However when R045 replaced this route as the second free route, the popularity it had before the update fell sharply, and now it has become one of the most rarely driven routes in the game.
    • Though this route has a unique 9Vxx / 9Exx Headcode and is drivable by all Stepford Connect trains makes it slightly more driven than other routes.
  • After this route became a free route in V1.7.2, and before it was sold for 300 Points in V1.8.2, it used to be often considered as one of the two "noob routes" along with R005 (Stepford Victoria <> Stepford Airport Central), due to these two routes are mostly driven by new drivers.
    • Since the above two routes used to be free, the free train (Class 357) and the cheapest train (Class 707) used to often be seen driving on them.
  • In Version 1.8.2, R045 (Stepford Victoria <> Leighton City) replaced this route as a free route, and this route now costs 300 points.