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R005 is a Stepford Connect route that runs from Stepford Victoria to Stepford Airport Central. The route is 8.87 miles (14.3 kilometres) long, and takes approximately 17 minutes to complete. This route is one of two routes that are automatically unlocked for free when a player first joins SCR, along with R045.

Stepford Victoria - Stepford Airport Central (R005)
Stations Connections
Stepford Victoria
Financial Quarter Stepford Connect
City Hospital
Stepford Central Stepford Express
Stepford East Stepford Connect
St Helens Bridge Stepford Connect
Benton Stepford Connect


Stepford Express

Benton Bridge Stepford Connect
Stepford Airport Parkway
Stepford Airport Central AirLink


  • As this is a free route it is often considered as one of the two "noob routes", along with R045 (Stepford Victoria <> Leighton City), due to these two routes being mostly driven by new players.
    • Between V1.1 and V1.7.2, R005 was the only free route in the game.
    • Since the above two routes are free, the free train (Class 357) and the two cheapest trains (Class 707 and Class 717) can often be seen driving on them.
  • Prior to V1.8, this route used the 9XXX headcode, which indicates fast services (semi-fast services before V1.4.1), despite only skipping one station, Angel Pass.
  • This route is seen as 'better' for new players as it has a higher points per minute (PPM) ratio than R045.
  • This route also has priority over trains from the aforementioned route, as this route utilises a 1 headcode, while R045 utilises a 2 headcode. However, priorities only apply when there is a Dispatcher or Signaller on duty.