Stepford County Railway Wiki

The River Ben is a large river running North-South separating north and south of the Benton Zone from Benton Bridge station, the Airport Zone and Morganstown. This river starts in Westercoast and ends somewhere near Connolly. Railway infrastructure that is located on the banks of the river include:

There is an abundance of infrastructure linking the two sides of the river. These structures are:

There are 2 tributaries of the river. North to south they are:

  • A small stream just south of Connolly station.
  • A small stream that crosses underneath the Benton Loop.


  • The River Ben used to appear on some versions of the legacy Network map.
  • The south side of the river is near Morganstown where Whitney Green Depot lies and the river appears to continue north beyond Connolly which is the northernmost point where the river can be seen. When the extension past James Street is released it may make the east side of the river visible from the north.
  • This river is the largest and longest river in-game.
  • The River Ben might be an analogue to the real-life River Severn, which is the longest river in the UK, but doesn't run through the most important city.