R013 is a WaterLine route in SCR. It is known to be the first WaterLine route, being released before Version 1.0. Drivers start the route at the Whitney Green Depot towards Greenslade, the southern terminus of the route before driving up to Benton.


  • It is the shortest route in all of SCR (aling with Stepford Central <> Stepford UFC), with just 5 stops.
  • It is the fastest route to grind points, with drivers earning 30 points in 4 minutes.
  • It is the only route to terminate at Benton.
  • The route has 3 interchange stations with Connect. They are Benton, Port Benton and Whitney Green (via Beaulieu Park).
  • 2 stations in the route, Morganstown Docks and Whitney Green, are long enough for only 3 cars, with the 4th car hanging off the edge of the platform, meaning the Class 379 and Class 319's fourth car cannot fit into the station.

This route calls at:

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