R012 is a WaterLine route in SCR stretching from Newry Harbour to Connolly.


  • It is the joint-longest WaterLine route, along with R010 (Newry<>Greenslade), with 9 stops each.
  • It is the only WaterLine route to terminate at Newry Harbour.
  • Most 3/4-car trains drive on the route as all stations on the route can fully accomodate 4 cars, along with R011 and R014.
  • At Newry, trains driving on R012 will only stop at Platform 2B, bound for Newry Harbour, and Platform 1, bound for Connolly.
  • It is also the only route to fully serve the Newry Zone
  • This is technically the cheapest route in the game, costing only 150 points. However, it requires the purchase of R011 for 300 points first.

The route calls at:

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