R005 is a free Stepford Connect route, running between Stepford Victoria and Stepford Airport Central.


  • This is a free route (R001 was previously the free-to-drive route, before Version 1.1).
  • Since this route is free, the free train (Class 357), can often be seen driving on it.
  • This route is considered as a Semi-Fast Route (Headcode 9XXX Service). However, it skips only one station, Angel Pass.
  • This was one of the two ways to get from Stepford Central to Airport Central in 15 minutes, the other is R001. However in V1.1, it was beaten by AirLink route, R051, at 8 minutes.
    • Though it is slightly faster than R001 in time, it could be the most unreliable route since new drivers who are unskilled can only drive this route, which can cause great lateness or sudden cancellation.

This route calls at:

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