Qualified Drivers, or QDs in short, is a low rank of SCR. They have similar principles as Guest and Trainee Drivers with a few perks within the group and community.

QDs can attend Dispatch trainings to become a Dispatcher, or apply to become a Leading Driver, part of the High Ranks team.

Qualified Drivers are also eligible to participate in SCR's In-Game Shift by signing up for slots (you must have Discord to sign up).

As of 28/3/2020, there are over 6,246 Qualified Drivers.


To Attend A Qualified Driver's Trainings:

  • Join the Group
  • Have at least 60 Experience

To Achieve A Qualified Driver's Rank:

  • Attend & Pass a Training Session

Calendar for scheduled upcoming QD trainings can be found here. They are labeled as green.

Avoid Demotion

  • Be respectful to other players and always abide the directions of either ranks.
  • Do not climb on gantries or go to closed areas on a public server.
  • Do not drive slowly for the purpose of fooling around.
  • Drive properly, stop at the correct marker, do not go past the Red Signal (No SPADing) and follow speed limits.
  • Don't skip a station. (unless its your schedule)
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