Qualified Drivers, or QD's for short, is a member role of SCR. They have similar principles as Guest and Trainee Drivers with a few perks within the group and community.

QD's can attend Dispatch training sessions to become a Dispatcher, or apply to become a Lead Driver, part of the Supervisors team.

Qualified Drivers are also eligible to participate in SCR's In-Game Shift by signing up for slots if you are in the SCR Discord.

As of September 27th, 2020, there are 9,129 Qualified Drivers.


To attend a Qualified Driver's training:

  • Join the group
  • Have at least 60 Experience

To achieve the Qualified Driver's rank:

  • Attend & pass a training session

Calendar for scheduled upcoming QD trainings can be found here. They are labeled as red as of May 31, 2020.


Avoiding Demotion

  • Be respectful to other players and always abide by the directions of more senior ranks, Signallers and Supervisors in particular.
  • Do not climb on gantries, or station roofs, or go to closed areas, etc, whilst you are on a public server.
  • Do not drive slowly other than for the purposes of properly driving your train e.g. slowing down on approach to stations or a signal at danger, or obeying speed limits.
  • Drive properly, stop at the correct marker, do not go past the Red Signal (Avoid having a SPAD) and follow speed limits.
  • Don't skip a station, unless you are not scheduled to stop there.
  • Don't abuse the Trainee Driver rank. You could potentially be kicked or banned from the group.
  • If you do find yourself overrunning a station platform, or the correct stop marker, then you must still stop and load passengers. Don't just forget it, and drive on.
  • In the rare event that you are unable to see out of the cab window e.g. in the event of a collision with another train, then ensure that you stop where you are and respawn. Do not continue to drive your train as this could result in a SPAD incident, etc.


Drivers cannot enter Cabs. Instead, a dummy is placed on the seat. This can cause glitches if a driver leaves the game while driving where they will appear to be driving a frozen train.

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