Product Developer, also known as [PDV], is a rank that replaced the [HPD] (Head of Product Development) managerial position, supposedly so that more people could have the role rather than a single person. This position is for people that improve and create new content for the game (e.g. trains, scenery).

Even though this position is a managerial position, they do not have some of the abilities other managers do.

They directly report to the Innovations Director and do not have anything to do with the Operational departments.

Former Names of Rank

  • Head of Product Development [HPD]

How to apply for this role?

There is currently no official way to apply to become a Product Developer [PDV].

List of Product Developers

No. Name Status Reason for Leaving Date Joined Date Left
1 yrrebRBLX Current PDV N/A 14th June 2019 (started as HPD) N/A
2 OverheadWires Lack of passion and interest. But as of June 6, 2020, he has rejoined. 21st July 2019

5th June 2020 (rejoined)

30th October 2019 (resigned)


3 thehazad9 Former PDV Promoted to RD 26th October 2019 26th June 2020
4 Mattyx2013 Lack of motivation, and to focus on a future career. 2nd January 2020 6th June 2020[1]
  1. Mattyx2013 remained in the group and Discord server as Product Developer until June 22nd and is now a signaller in the group and Discord server.
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