Official Policy
This page documents the Official Policy of the SCR Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

Disruptive editing, also called tendentious editing, is an editorial behavior that is not tolerated on the SCR Wiki.

What is disruptive editing?

Disruptive editing is any kind of editing that disrupts the wiki, included but not limited to the following.

  • Refusal to use leave edit summaries
  • Mechanical or "bot-like" editing (e.g. nominating a "blank" template, that wasn't actually blank, for deletion)
  • Edit warring (continuing to make an edit after it has been reverted)
  • Recreating deleted articles, especially at a different title.

How to deal with disruptive editing

A message can be sent to the admins informing them about it, so that they can take care of the disruptive editing.

If they haven't, a message can be left on their message wall.

Editors, both staff and standard users, should be sensitive to an editor's intent. Most people do not read the rules (and be honest, you probably didn't read any rules pages when you started editing wikis either), and so at first they should be directed towards relevant policies. If the disruption continues after correction, it will result in blocks.

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