Official Policy
This page documents the Official Policy of the SCR Wiki. It concerns standards that all users should follow.

On the SCR Wiki, articles are deleted through two systems:

The first is for articles with absolutely no value whatsoever, created only for vandalism, such as those about abusive topics. Entirely abusive articles (that are NOT edited versions of good articles) should be tagged with {{delete}} by Editors, so that Staff can easily find them and delete them. Tagging articles in that way assigns the article to Category:Candidates for deletion so that they may easily be found.

The second system is for articles with little to no value. If an article is off-topic (e.g. Robbie Williams), too specific (e.g. Shops at Leighton Stepford Road) or simply advertising a product/service/company (e.g. ShamWow!), then it should be tagged with {{prod}} which is proposed deletion. The deletion of PRODded pages should be discussed before action is taken, unless Staff find it to violate specific policy (at which point it can just be deleted). Pages with the prod template also show up in Category:Candidates for deletion.

Deletion and Cleanup Templates

Template Description Category
{{prod}} Proposed Deletion - This page is probably useless, and administrators should consider deleting it. Members have a chance to respond on the Talk page. Category:Candidates_for_deletion
{{delete}} Speedy Deletion - This page is useless, and should be deleted. There won't be any disputes over this, and an administrator can just delete it if they agree. Category:Candidates_for_deletion

See other templates at Category:Templates.

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