Stepford County Railway Wiki

Points are the main currency in SCR and were introduced in The Big Update and are mainly used to buy new trains and new routes. Before then, the player had to pay with Robux to buy new trains.

How to get


Driving is the easiest way to get points, as the player get up to 5 points for every station the player stops at. However, if the player overshoots the platform, the player may get less points depending on how far the player overshot. A bonus 5 points can be awarded when arriving at termini or completing a stop with a Guard on board, giving up to a total of 10 points at some stops.

Spawning at a terminus station's depot, driving there and despawning and doing this over and over is grinding. It grants 10 points per round. Depots that carry this trait are Willowfield Station Depot and Leighton Depot. Stepford Depot can also be used, but it is often congested and quite far from its station (Stepford Central) which can slow down grinding.

Also, simply driving Waterline can earn the player a lot of points, even if there is little time to kill. This is due to the very low amount of time and distance between most of the stations, thus making 50 points easily earned within just over 10 minutes. This changed in Version 1.9, which fixed timetables for most Waterline routes, but trains still often run late while driving the operator, and thanks to delay propogation, trains would no longer have to wait upwards of 90 seconds loading at their starting station if they ran more than 2 minutes late.


Dispatching trains is a another way to earn points. The player can only dispatch trains if the player is Dispatcher+. The player gets 5 points for each train dispatched.


Guarding trains is a third way to earn points. The guard gets 5 points for each station the train goes to.


Signalling can be hard work, however the V1.1.3 patch update implemented a system where Signallers can get points based on which desk they are working at. Now however, the payout depends on the amount of traffic in the zone.

Due to a bug introduced in v1.8, Signallers could not earn points while signalling until the release of v1.8.4, on 25 April 2022.

Riding Trains

For riding trains, the player gets 1 point for each station the train stops at.

Buying Points

Buying points is the only option where the player can get points for doing nothing. If the player hovers over the area under the points and experience part of the UI, there will be a "Buy Points" button. Buying points costs Robux. One point is worth 0.3 Robux. So for 10 Robux the player gets 300 Points. The highest amount of points that the player can purchase at one time is 150,000 points for 4500 Robux.

Joining events, shifts, etc.

The SCR Official Discord hosts events that have points for prizes.


There are currently two different things the player can spend points on: trains and routes.


  • This system replaced Gamepasses for trains in The Big Update, however players with Gamepasses kept the trains that corresponded to the gamepass.
  • In some events in the SCR Discord a player can be fined points, if the player doesn't follow rules of the event, however this is normally very rare.
  • Getting 100,000 points is usually a daunting task, and requires to buy all of the trains and routes and a Signaller role. This is usually skipped if the "Buying Points" part was done.
  • Until version 1.8.4, the amount of Points given to Signallers for signalling was a fixed amount based on the zone.
  • To date, there have been two non code discount offers. The first came after the release of V1.4 with a 20% discount; this lasted several weeks.
  • The second was implemented in April 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, with a 25% discount that ended as of 29/10/2020.
  • As of Version 1.9.5, if one were to purchase everything that can be purchased all in one go, they would need a total of 86950 points.