The points system is the main currency in SCR and was introduced in The Big Update. It is mainly used to buy new trains and new routes.

How to Get Points

Here are the ways in which you can earn points.


Driving is the easiest way to get points, as you get up to 5 points for every station you stop at. However, if you overshoot the platform, you may get less points depending on how far you overshoot. Also, arriving at the terminus can give you up to 10 (the ordinary 5 or less, plus 5 bonus points). Also if there is a Guard on board, the driver will receive extra 5 points when the guard closed the door.


Dispatching trains is a second way to earn points. You can only dispatch trains if you are Dispatcher+. You can get 5 points for each train you dispatch, but failing to follow the correct procedures and rules will lead to a demotion from the Dispatcher rank.


Guarding trains is a third way to earn points. You get 5 points for each station your train goes to, but failing to follow the correct procedures and rules will lead to a demotion from the Guard Rank.


Signalling can be a challenging work, however the V1.1.3 patch update implemented a system where Signallers can get points based on which desk they are working at. The payout is from 3 points/1 experience per minute on easy desks to 18 points/6 experience per minute on the hardest desk. 18 points and 6 experience per minute is the most amount of points a SCR player can get in a minute.

Riding Trains

Although riding trains may seem like a waste of time, if you ever notice, you actually get 1 point for each station you stop at.

Buying Points

Buying points is the only option where you can basically get points for doing nothing. If you locate your pointer under your points and experience, there will be a "Buy Points" button if you hover your mouse over it. Buying points cost Robux just like other Roblox games. One point is worth 0,3 Robux. So for 10 Robux you get 300 Points. The biggest amount of points that you can purchase at one time is 150,000 points for 4500 Robux.

Joining events, shifts, etc.

There are a number of activities for players in Discord server. Points can be awarded to outstanding players in an activity.

Spending Points

There are currently two different things you can spend your points on: trains and routes.

  • Trains can cost anywhere from 300 points (Class 707) to 3000 points, with the most common amount being 1500. The free Class 357 is an exception.
  • Routes can cost anywhere from 150 points (R012, although this route requires purchasing R011 first) to 600 points (R022).
  • In the future, players may be able to spend points to purchase advertisements slots on the billboards located around the map. (Source: SCR Roadmap)


  • This system replaced Gamepasses for trains in The Big Update, however players with Gamepasses kept the trains that corresponded to the gamepass.
  • In some events of Discord server a player can be fined points, if the player doesn't follow rules of the event.
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