People Relations Advisors (or PRA) are Supervisors in Stepford County Railway. The manager/director in charge of this rank is the Relations Director.

There are currently 4 People Relations Advisors in Stepford County Railway.

To Obtain This Rank:

The following is required in order to apply for this rank:

  • The minimum age to apply is 13+ or above
  • You must be in the SCR official ROBLOX group and be in the official Discord server.
  • You must be a current Supervisor (LD, SDS, SGD or SSG).

Here are the steps to apply for this rank:

  1. You must fill out an application, in the SCR Discord server. The opening and closing of the applications are handled at the discretion of the Relations Director.
  2. Once you have been selected, speak to your line manager of the next steps in being fully qualified.


  • As of October 26, 2019, the Directors made the decision to rename the original Mobile Operations Supervisor to People Relations Advisor, thus ending the MOS role. However, on May 17th, 2020, MOS was reinstated, and essentially became what People Relations Advisor was for a few months. People Relations Advisors now strictly stick to relations, and do not have the ability to go to any training.
  • Depending on the route, this can be the most time-consuming role to achieve, especially if you went for SG and SSG before applying.
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