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Operators are a key feature of Stepford County Railway. These operators use differing rolling stock, which can be spawned at various Depots & Sidings depending on the selected route, which are also different depending on the operator.

Stepford Connect

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Logo of Stepford Connect

Stepford Connect operates rail services to various districts and regions around Stepford County, such as Benton, Leighton, Morganstown, Whitefield, Berrily, Stepford Airport, Llyn-by-the-Sea and Willowfield. A full journey on the mainline, which runs from Stepford Victoria to Llyn-by-the-Sea takes about 43 minutes and is only drivable on the Class 68 and Class 444.

The route is classified as regional and commuter rail, as it takes up the majority of the network and it serves various regions. The trains on this route reach an average maximum speed of 100 miles per hour.

As part of a renewed franchise from 1st May 2020, this operator is now branded as Stepford Connect and bears a  cerulean  colour scheme, courtesy of rail management system Transport For Stepford. Prior to the renewal, the brand was simply Connect and bore a  dark turquoise  colour scheme.


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Logo of Waterline

Waterline, stylised as waterline, operates rail services to various districts around the River Ben area, such as Connolly, Newry, Greenslade, Benton, Morganstown and James Street. A full journey on the mainline, which runs from Newry to Greenslade takes about 9 minutes.

The operator is classified as commuter rail due to the short routes and limited areas it serves. Most trains on this operator have a top speed of 100mph, but are limited to 90mph in normal service.

Prior to 1st May 2020, this route was a sub-franchise of Connect, branded as WaterLine and bearing a  navy blue  colour scheme. It now operates as its own separate franchise and bears a  grayish blue  colour scheme.


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Logo of AirLink

AirLink operates rail services from Stepford Central and Leighton to Stepford Airport, linking Berrily and Morganstown along the way. A full journey on the mainline, which runs from Stepford Central to Stepford Airport Central, takes about eight minutes non-stop.

The route is classified as semi-high-speed rail, but it is also an airport rail link. The trains on this route reach an average maximum speed of 100 miles per hour, with the exception of the Class 802, which can achieve 125 miles per hour and the Class 387, which can achieve 110 miles per hour. Trains commonly run at top speed on the journey between the airport and the city and bears an  orange  colour scheme.

Stepford Express

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Logo of Stepford Express

Stepford Express, or Express for short, operates high speed services along the Stepford mainline towards Llyn, linking Stepford City with Benton, Morganstown, Leighton, Westwyvern and Llyn in a short amount of time.

The operator is classified as high speed rail, as it runs through most Stepford Connect stations non-stop. It uses rolling stock designed to run at high speed, all running at 125mph.

A full stopper journey on the mainline via Benton between Stepford Central and Llyn-by-the-Sea takes around 23 minutes, while a super-fast journey via Morganstown takes 17 minutes. The line is coloured  magenta  on network maps. Prior to v1.7, it was coloured  dark violet .