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The Operations Manager, also known as the [OM], is a manager rank. The current users are metromaster00 and RLSJ1997. They are the manager of the Mobile Operations Supervisors. Their main responsibilities are overseeing the collection and analysis of training and group statistics, as well as assisting in other departments when needed.

How to apply for this job

There is currently no way to get this position.

Former Rank Names

  • Head of Operational Delivery [HOD]

List of Operations Managers

No. User Status Reason for Leaving Date Joined Date Left
1 metromaster00 Current OM N/A 28 October 2020 N/A
2 RLSJ1997


  • metromaster00 transferred from HNS. RLSJ1997 transferred from HOS. Both were from the same SSG application batch, and both transferred to their respective Manager roles from MOS/PRA respectively.
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