The Operations Director is the player responsible for the operations all around SCR, and to direct all the Managers (Apart From HPE and HCR). This person has super admin permissions in-game and on Discord server of SCR.

There is a statue of Thehazad9, the previous OD, located at the entrance of Bodin train station. You can climb the statue to get a special badge. When Mattyx2013 became OD, Thehazad9 became the People Director.

Who Is The Current OD?

The current OD is ATEKGaming.

How to apply for this Job

Currently, there is no way to get this rank.

Former Names of Rank

  • Chief Operations Officer - [COO]

What Is The Manager Role For OD?

The manager role for OD is Head of Driver Operations, Head of Platform Operations and Head of Network Signalling

List of Operations Director




Reason for Resignation

Dates Served
1. thehazad9 Transfered To PD Unknown Around 25th November 2017 - January 30, 2019
2. Mattyx2013 Resigned Due to various problems January 30 2019 - October 29 2019
3. ATEKGaming Current OD - November 13 2019 - Present
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