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Overview Edit

The Airlink network is an upcoming operator which will serve the Stepford Airport terminals, as well as its own line that will be quite separate from all other lines on the SCR network. Unfortunately, it has been quite on and off as to when it will go into service, with the last successful public revenue test being conducted before the SCR version 1.0 "The Big Update"in late 2017. It is probable that the line will be released in the upcoming SCR version 1.1.

Fleet Edit

The only confirmed class of fleet for Airlink services is as follows:

  • Class 345 "Aventra" (7 car consist); Top Speed: 90 MPH

It is likely that there may be more classes of fleet added upon release.

Depots Edit

It has not been confirmed by the developers as to what depot(s) Airlink trains will be able to spawn at. However, there is the possibility that a depot near Hampton Hargate will be used.

Stations Edit

Many stations that Airlink services will run through have been confirmed. This includes:

There are also stations that have not been confirmed to have Airlink services running through them, however, an information sign has the color of Airlink at Leighton Stepford Road.. This includes:

  • Leighton Stepford Road
  • Leighton City
  • Edgemead (This station cannot be shown because it's a future station)
  • Westwyvern (This station cannot be shown because it's a future station)
  • Northshore (This station cannot be shown because it's a future station)
  • Llyn-by-the-Sea (This station cannot be shown because it's a future station)

Routes Edit

It is confirmed that a route starting at Stepford Central will use the clockwise aiport terminal loop and terminate at Stepford Airport Central. Some services will terminate at Stepford Airport Central without going through the loop. Trains could also skip Stepford Airport Parkway.

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