Stepford County Railway Wiki

Northshore Depot is a depot added in the 1.4 update along with Llyn extension. It is adjacent to Northshore but the trains that spawn here go to Llyn-by-the-Sea directly. Both Stepford Connect and Stepford Express units can spawn here. Any Connect/Express trains can spawn here.

Depot Component

Depot Slot Routes Platform at Llyn-by-the-Sea
Lane 1

(Stepford Connect and Stepford Express)

R024, R026, R036, R037, R077, R078, R080, R081 Platforms 0-11
Lane 2

(Stepford Connect and Stepford Express)


  • This is the third depot to spawn trains from more than one operator.
  • This depot is unique from other depots as it is quite small in size.
  • It used to have a very basic building shell and is un-detailed compared to other depots in the Stepford County Railway game.
  • This depot is very close to being accessible from Northshore station, although you are not supposed to enter, and even if you still attempt to do so, you will most likely be respawned by the tracks.
  • This is the only depot with a sea view.
  • Before V1.7, this depot had a shed constructed out of bricks. After the renovation, the shed was removed and the whole depot is now open roofed.
  • This depot received a renovation along with shunt signals in 1.7.