Next Generation (Current Generation since v1.5) are trains which include modelled cabs, interiors, and working doors. As of V1.5, all trains are Next Generation and they are now known as just "Trains" instead of "NG Trains".

On 2 March 2020, Mattyx2013 unveiled the rebuilt Next-Gen Class 707, built with a new method called Next Generation V2. Next-Gen V2 trains include a CSG Model livery, new seats, and other small changes made to reduce lag. NGv2 Next Generation trains had been made with these changes. NGv3 was introduced with v1.6.5 where trains designed using meshes would be imported to Roblox. This has the advantage of making more detailed texturing easier, less lag for more detail and smoother trains.

List of Trains

Trains that were released as Next Generation are marked with a caret (^).


Train Name Version Release Update Notes
Class 43^ NGv1 1.4.0
Class 68 NGv1 1.3.21
Class 158/0/9^ NGv1 1.3.0
Class 165/0/1 NGv2 1.5.0
Class 166 NGv2 1.5.0
Class 170 NGv1 1.3.24
Class 171 NGv1 1.3.24
Class 185/0/1/Double NGv1 1.3.1 (Airlink)

1.3.5 (Connect)

Class 195/0/1^ NGv1 1.4.1
Class 220^ NGv2 1.4.6
Class 221^ NGv2 1.4.6
Class 319 NGv1 1.4.1
Class 321 NGv1 1.4.1
Class 331/0/1 NGv1 1.4.1
Class 332/0/1 NGv2 1.4.3
Class 333 NGv2 1.4.3
Class 350 NGv1 1.3.17
Class 357 NGv1 1.3.17
Class 360/1/2 NGv1 1.3.18
Class 377 NGv3 1.3.11(NGv1)


Underwent an upgrade from NGv1 to NGv3
Class 380 NGv2 1.5.0
Class 387^ NGv3 1.3.11(NGv1)


Underwent an upgrade from NGv1 to NGv3
Class 379^ NGv3 1.3.11(NGv1)


Underwent an upgrade from NGv1 to NGv3
Class 458/0/5^ NGv1 1.3.22
Class 465 NGv1 1.4.1
Class 508^ NGv1 1.3.0
Class 707 NGv2 1.3.18(NGv1)


Underwent an upgrade from NGv1 to NGv2

Undergoing an upgrade from NGv2 to NGv3

Class 720 NGv2 1.4.1 (NGv1)


Originally made by Mattyx2013 (NGv1) then upgraded to NGv2 by yrrebRBLX
Class 730/0/1 NGv2 1.5.0 (waterline)

1.6.0 (Connect)

Class 755/3/4^ NGv1 1.3.26
Class 801^ NGv3 1.4.0(NGv1)


Underwent an upgrade from NGv1 to NGv3
Class 802 NGv3 1.3.28(NGv1)


Underwent an upgrade from NGv1 to NGv3

Future (Confirmed)

These are trains that have been confirmed. They are likely come out as next-gen trains. The release date for these trains is unknown at this point.



  • The legacy/paper Airlink trains were given a completely different look when upgraded. Before the Next Generation changes, the livery to look similar to the Connect livery with a yellow line, however following these changes they received an orange livery, inspired by Gatwick Express.
  • As of V1.5, the Class 707, Class 332, Class 333, Class 220, Class 221, Class 380, Class 165, Class 166, Class 802 and Class 730 are the only Next Generation trains with CSG model livery. Other existing Next Generation trains may also receive this livery.
  • Most Next Generation trains were made by former Product Developer Mattyx2013.
  • Stepford Express is the first operator to only have Next Generation trains.
  • Airlink is the first operator to have all its paper trains upgraded to Next Generation.
  • All future Next-Gen trains will receive an upgrade to Mesh models in the future, built by either OverheadWires or aeroware.
  • It is disputed whether to call Next Generation 'Current Generation' because Next Generation is no longer an official term. CSG Models may be referred to as Next Generation.
  • Mattyx2013 has openly stated that after all the current trains are upgraded to using the CSG model, the Class 323 and Class 365 will be added. However, this may change upon Mattyx2013's resignation.
  • In future, BanTech has stated that trains will receive functional door buttons and destination signs.


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