Newry Harbour is a terminus station in the Newry Zone. It is served by Waterline services to Connolly.

Platform Layout

Platform Service
[- Terminating, Waterline services to Connolly


  • Prior to The Big Update, this station served Waterline services to and from Greenslade as Connolly wasn't in the game back then. For now, passengers willing to go to Greenslade should change at Newry or Benton.
  • This is the smallest station in SCR.
  • This is one of the two stations in the game that have only 1 platform. The second one is Airport Terminal 1 (Also, before Waterline was added, Port Benton was also a singular platform and the smallest station).
  • This station is often referred to as one of SCR's least used stations, along with places like Millcastle Racecourse and Upper Staploe.
  • Prior to The Big Update, Class 387's (Waterline) were banned from entering this station, only allowing Class 165 and Class 166 trains.
  • Due to the single track leading to this station, trains inbound to this station are forced to wait at Newry to allow outbound trains to free up the line. Waiting times of around three minutes may occur, however are unlikely since the station, if not the entirety of the Waterline network, remains seldom visited by drivers.
  • In V1.1, scenery for this station was updated, adding many commercial buildings including a customs and shipping centre.
  • It was originally intended that services to James Street would run from here, but the developers wanted to keep the station "tiny" in every way possible: the number of platforms and the number of services that arrive there.
  • Between here and Newry, if you are able to catch the names of the commercial buildings that lie next to the single track, one of them is named "Haughton Foundry", the group that made Mind the Gap.
  • It is the only station in all of SCR to have the platform made entirely out of bricks.
  • This one of the only stations with one track leading to it. (Alongside Airport Terminal 1.)
  • This station, alongside Morganstown Docks, were the only two stations that had dashed lines on the system map before V1.6.
  • This station is served mostly by 4-car Waterline trains since The Big Update, which are the Class 319, Class 379 and Class 165/1. The Class 387 served this station until it got moved to Airlink, and the Class 701 served this station until it got removed in V1.1.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • Near this station, there are tracks under a portal crane, that include killblocks and buffers. This and the so-called "Platform 0" at Stepford Central raise suspicions of a Freight line in SCR, though the developers have revealed nothing about this or if it will happen.
  • In the V1.6, the route maps (both the Waterline one and the whole network one) labelled this stop as a station with limited service, probably due to a very small number of trains calling at there.
    • In contrary, after the Morganstown shuttle (R015) of Waterline is introduced in 1.6, though there are also not many trains serving the Morganstown shuttle service, the Waterline map did not label Morganstown as a station with limited service. This is probably due to more tracks at Morganstown for more upcoming routes, as well as the fact that Morganstown has a siding by it's name.
  • There is only one route that serves this station. The route is R012 to Connolly. There is one more station on the SCR network which only serves one route: Upper Staploe, which serves route R039
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