New Harrow is a limited service through station that serves Stepford Connect services to Stepford Victoria, Willowfield, Stepford Central and Berrily

Platform Layout

<< Passing Service Direction

Platform No. Use
1 Stepford Connect services to Berrily
<< Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central, Stepford Victoria and Willowfield
>> Track for Airlink passing services to Stepford Airport Central, Airport Terminal 2 and Airport Terminal 3
<< Track for Airlink passing services to Stepford Central


  • Passengers wishing to travel to Morganstown or to use Airlink or Express services to Stepford Airport Central, Airport Terminal 2, Westwyvern, and Llyn-by-the-Sea need to change at Elsemere Junction or St Helens Bridge since neither services to Morganstown nor Airlink and Express services call at this station.
  • Between V1.1 and V1.1.5, New Harrow was a dispatchable station, but in V1.1.5, this ability was removed due to extremely infrequent trains. As a replacement, Stepford East became dispatchable.
  • The announcements for this station, as well as Berrily and Morganstown, used to glitch and kill the station's announcements. This was fixed in V1.3.29.
  • There was going to be an Old Harrow station which was going to serve Metro, however, it was demolished and the line going through that station was lifted.
  • In the Ten Million Update, a new route, R027, was added between Stepford Central and Berrily, meaning that this station is now served by two routes. The other route that serves this station is R008. This increased the train frequency by a lot because R008 had a high experience requirement which meant that a lot of people could not drive the route. In V1.6, another new route, R030, was added between Willowfield and Berrily, which means that 3 routes now call at this station.
  • This station's platforms are slightly shorter than the length of a 5-car train. When a 5-car train approaches this station, the announcer will state that the doors of the rear coach will not open. This also happens at Hemdon Park, Elsemere Pond, East Berrily and Beaulieu Park.
  • The area around this station received a major upgrade in v1.7 when a new elevated line was built above the area to allow Stepford Express to run via Morganstown without the need to change the track layout at St Helens Bridge. As a result, New Harrow has became somewhat iconic due to the flyover right before the station, and it is a great place for trainspotting. The update also brought new scenery, as pre-1.7 the station just had one building and nothing else.
  • The announcements for Platform 1 are known to play too early before the train arrives. This is likely due to the placement of the sensor much further away from the station. The same occurs for Platform 1 at Upper Staploe.
  • This station is step free for interchange only, like Berrily and Stepford Airport West. The station entrance is not step free due to a short staircase between the entrance and platform 1.


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