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Network Rail is an organisation that manages all infrastructure on the rail network and operate some major stations. They do all of the projects which require building and assess all parts of the railway to make sure they all work properly. They help the Signallers that control the network and run the Rail Operation Centres (ROCs) The Network Rail base in Stepford County Railway is the Stepford Rail Operations Centre.

Stations Operated

Network Rail operate 7 stations throughout the Stepford Network. These are:


  • Due to two sneak peeks of the new scenery for Coxly and Stepford Victoria, it is rumoured that Network Rail will be replaced with Transport For Stepford.
  • In version 1.6, all Network Rail stations and most of the Stepford Connect stations have received the new logo, which implies that Network Rail no longer operates any station, but again, this is not yet confirmed.

Stations Operated by Network Rail (Photos)

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