See also: Stepford County Railway (the Network).

SCR's network map has been a core part of the game since it first opened.

The map below is interactive: click the stations or operators to see the pages.

WillowfieldHemdon ParkBeechleyNewry HarbourNewryEden QuayFaraday RoadWest BentonCambridge Street ParkwayConnollyAshlan ParkAirport Terminal 3Airport Terminal 2Airport Terminal 1NorthshoreLlyn-by-the-SeaStarrylochWestwyvernMillcastleMillcastle Racecourse (Station)WestercoastFaymereEdgemeadLeighton CityLeighton Stepford RoadRocket ParadeWater NewtonHampton HargateJames StreetStepford Airport CentralStepford Airport ParkwayStepford Airport WestBenton BridgeGreensladeWhitney GreenMorganstown DocksPort BentonBentonCoxlyBodinAngel PassMorganstownBeaulieu ParkEast BerrilyBerrilyElsemere JunctionElsemere PondNew HarrowSt Helens BridgeWhitefieldHoughton RakeWoodhead LaneStepford United Football ClubWhitefield LidoStepford High StreetStepford EastStepford CentralCity HospitalFinancial QuarterStepford VictoriaAirlinkStepford ExpressWaterlineStepford ConnectStepford County RailwayStepford loop with extra track.png
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How to view

Press M (or 1 when driving) on the keyboard to show it while you're a passenger. The map of the operators will be shown if the player is driving a train.


  • It has undergone many changes over the years, and many of the older maps have little to no documentation. In the early days of SCR, unopened sections appeared on the map, meaning that some information was leaked, for example, Llyn-by-the-Sea extension. 
  • Stepford Victoria and Financial Quarter are parallel to Stepford Central and City Hospital, however, the map didn't show this accurately before V1.6
  • Class 68's exclusive routes, R009, R026 and R036 are not mentioned on Connect Network Map. 
  • There are errors in the Airlink map where routes are displayed incorrectly. Some shorter versions of routes are not displayed.
  • Stepford Central is the first-ever station to have the network map inside it.
  • As of V1.4.6, R079 is not displayed on the map of Express.
  • R025 is not shown on the Connect map.
  • When V1.5.0 was released, the network map could not be loaded. When a player pressed M or the icon on the driving GUI, only a dark frame would appear. This was subsequently fixed after a server reboot on May 24, 2020, however, the maps were still the same as in V1.4, with the old version number and Operator logos.
  • The Connect and Network maps have been updated in V1.6 to include the new Willowfield Line, and the rebranded Connect logo. However, until V1.6.2, the Waterline map in-game was not updated and was still the 1.4 version without the Morganstown Shuttle, plus showing the old WaterLine logo before rebranding, with the sentence "part of your Connect Service" in it. Instead, the Network map already showed the shuttle even before it actually opened. 
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