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Morganstown Siding is one of two sidings that can be used by Waterline services starting R015 services in Morganstown, with the other being Benton Siding. It is located just east of the station.

 Siding Component

Siding Slot Routes Platform at Morganstown
Lane 1 (Waterline) R015 Platform 6


  • This siding was added in V1.6.
  • Due to the distance to Morganstown, the "We will shortly be arriving at..." announcement plays immediately when the train is spawned, similar to Whitefield Lido Siding.
  • This siding is unique for having a wall.
  • This is the only siding spawnable by only 2-car variants for the Morganstown Shuttle, as the Benton Siding is spawnable by all Waterline trains.
  • As of V1.6.3, this siding is broken. Sometimes, due to too many trains spawning, the signal becomes red with no train in the signal zone.
  • Even though this siding is on tracks used by Airlink, no Airlink services can spawn here, likely because the Stepford Airport Parkway Depot is just a bit further away, and can spawn trains to Leighton Stepford Road.