Morganstown Docks is a through station. It is served by WaterLine services to Newry, Benton and Greenslade.

Track Layout

Platform 1 Future shuttle service
Platform 2 WaterLine services to Greenslade
Platform 3 WaterLine services to Newry and Benton


  • With a gap of 0.24 miles, Morganstown Docks and Port Benton are the two closest stations on the whole Stepford County Railway network.
  • It is possible to get off a train at this station, run to Port Benton & catch the same train due to the short distance.
  • This station & Whitney Green are the only stations on the SCR network where the platforms are only long enough for 3 coaches so the 4th coach is not on the platform, and it blocks the crossing if you're on Platform 2. Depending on where you stop the last coach may open. However, at stations such as East Berrily, it says that coach four will not open but It can perfectly fit 4 car trains but coach 5 will be left out in the open.
  • On the network map of V1.4, it shows that there will be a branch running from here to Morganstown in the future.


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