Morganstown Docks is a through station served by Waterline services to Newry, Benton, Greenslade and Morganstown. It has 4 platforms.

Track & Platform Layout

[- Terminus

>> Passing service direction





1 Waterline services to Morganstown
>> Waterline services to Greenslade
3 Waterline services to Benton and Newry
<< Waterline services to Benton


  • With a gap of only 0.24 miles (386 metres), Morganstown Docks and Port Benton are the two closest stations on the whole of Stepford County Railway network.
    • This beats Elsemere Pond and Elsemere Junction by just 0.02 miles, which have a distance of 0.26 miles between stations.
    • Because of the short distance between this station and Port Benton, there isn't enough time to play the "We will shortly be arriving at" announcement between these stations.
  • It is possible to get off a train at this station, run to Port Benton, and catch the same train due to the short distance.
  • This station and Whitney Green are the only stations on the SCR network where the platforms are only long enough for 3 coaches so the 4th coach is not on the platform, and it blocks the crossing if you're on Platform 2. Depending on where you stop the last coach may open. When a 4-car train approaches this station, the announcer will state that the doors of the rear coach will not open. Because of this, it's rare to see Class 319 or Class 379 units here.
  • The Class 195/1 and the Class 730/0 fit perfectly on the platforms.
  • Before V1.4.4, there were only three platforms at this station, with only Platforms 2 and 3 being used. Platform 1 was a dead end platform at that time. Platform 4 was added in V1.4.4, which was also not in use when it was built, and the track just ended right at that platform without any buffers. Platform 4 was also inaccessible at that time as the crossing was not yet extended from platform 3 to 4. In V1.6, the Morganstown Shuttle opened and platforms 1 and 4 are finally in use. 
  • Morganstown Docks is actually the newest station on the short R013 branch; before it was added, trains had to go from Port Benton to Whitney Green or vice-versa before Morganstown Docks was added between those two stations, making it an infill station.
  • In Version 1.6, the Morganstown Shuttle opened, and this station finally got a direct connection to Morganstown. Before that, if you want to go from here to Morganstown, you would have to take a Waterline train to Whitney Green, then walk to Beaulieu Park, and then take a Stepford Connect service to Morganstown.
  • This station received a scenery update, with an actual dock next to the station in v1.7. However, the station itself was not upgraded.
  • This station has step-free access.


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