Morganstown is a through station and a terminus station that opened as part of V1.1 along with the Stepford Connect extension. This station serves Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central and Beechley, Airlink services to Airport Terminal 2 and Stepford Central, and Waterline services to Benton.

Track & Platform Layout

[- Terminus

<< Passing Service Direction





1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central and Beechley
3 Airlink services to Airport Terminal 2
<< Airlink services to Stepford Central
5B 5A Terminating, Waterline services to Benton
-] -]
<<>> Airlink stopping services to Stepford Central if Platform 4 is full, Waterline services to Benton from Morganstown Siding


  • There was a glitch upon release of V1.6 that allowed Airlink trains that used Platform 6 to be rerouted onto the Waterline bridge, and into Morganstown Docks. As soon as the Airlink train arrived in Morganstown Docks it would be despawned with the message "Route violation detected".
  • Platform 6 is rarely used for stopping or skipping Airlink trains, however it is used for Waterline shuttle trains coming from the Morganstown Siding.
  • This station is operated and managed by Network Rail.
  • This station has lettered platforms like Benton and Newry.
  • The rails at Platforms 1 and 2 extend noticeably beyond the buffers.
  • During parts of late 2019, the platform announcements were glitched when the name is said due to a corrupt sound file. They were fixed in the Five Million Update. This is also the same as New Harrow and Berrily.
  • Despite being a large station, there were no CIS boards before V1.4.1. The same can be said for Berrily, except they added these in an update before V1.4.1. They added these in V1.4.1 as well as the ability to dispatch.
  • There is a siding just east of the station, which leads to Platform 6, used by the Morganstown Shuttle of Waterline.
  • There used to be a part of the station called Morganstown High Level, which was just 2 elevated platforms with no connections to Morganstown, but had a link to Morganstown Docks. However, it was replaced by Platforms 5A and 5B, and the original platforms were demolished.
    • It might be possible that the Morganstown Shuttle was planned to terminate at Morganstown High Level.
  • There is banner repeater at Platform 6, alongside an OFF indicator. Other stations that have Banner Repeaters are St Helens Bridge, Angel Pass, Bodin and Newry.
    • Platforms 5A and 5B don't have any OFF indicators or banner repeaters.
  • As of V1.6, it is one of five triple-line junction stations along with Stepford Central, St Helens Bridge, Benton and Leighton Stepford Road, and is the first Waterline - Airlink interchange.
  • This station, as well as Westercoast and Willowfield, are the longest single word station names, with the overall longest station name being Stepford United Football Club.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • Though there are not many Waterline trains serving the Morganstown shuttle, unlike Newry Harbour, the Waterline map did not label Morganstown as a station with limited service although both stations seldom have Waterline services calling at.
  • This station is speculated to be one of the stations being renovated for 1.7.
  • At the junction at the east of this station towards Stepford Airport, there is another unused section of tracks which lead to the Express and Airlink tracks towards Leighton Zone and Llyn.
    • The most plausible reason why Airlink does not serve the route from Stepford Central to Leighton Stepford Road using this section of tracks is because if this happened, this route will not serve the Airport Zone and it defeats the purpose of Airlink as a whole. However, it might be possible having a Connect or Express service from Stepford to Leighton/Llyn via Morganstown in the future. In addition, it might also be possible for having Connect services to Stepford Airport via Morganstown in the future.
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