Morganstown, located near Morganstown Docks, is a station that opened as part of V1.1 along with the Stepford Connect extension. This station is a terminus for Stepford Connect services and a limited-service station on AirLink.


Platform 1 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central
Platform 2 Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Stepford Central
Platform 3 Limited AirLink services to Airport Terminal 2
Platform 4 Limited AirLink services to Stepford Central
Platform 5a Future shuttle service
Platform 5b Future shuttle service
Platform 6 Limited AirLink services to Stepford Central


  • At Platforms 5a and 5b, there are two blue stop car markers that say "WaterLine Shuttle Car 2," hinting that WaterLine may serve this line. Once it does, then Morganstown will be the first AirLink - WaterLine interchange. This shuttle route is now shown on the network map of V1.4, which shows that this shuttle will run between here and Morganstown Docks. However, the color of the route on the map is strangely shown in Connect colors.
  • Platform 6 is rarely used for either stopping or skipping trains.
  • This is one of the seven stations to be run by Network Rail.
  • This station has lettered platforms like Benton and Newry.
  • The rails at platforms 1 and 2 extend noticeably beyond the buffers. Some players speculate there could be an extension in the future. There are currently no plans for this however.
  • To make an in-game announcement, Morganstown will need to be written as "Morgans-Town" in order to get the pronunciation correct.
  • During parts of late 2019, the platform announcements were glitched when the name is said due to a corrupt sound file. They were fixed on Version 1.3.26. This is also the same as New Harrow and Berrily.
  • This is one of the 2 stations to have no CIS boards. (Other is Edgemead)
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