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Mobile Operations Supervisor [MOS] is a Supervisor role. Like all the other supervisors, Mobile Operations Supervisors get moderation permissions in-game and in the Discord server to keep the game and the Discord server running smoothly. They can host and co-host Qualified Driver, Dispatcher, Guard and Signaller trainings with the approval from the Department Managers. The manager in charge of Mobile Operations Supervisors is the Operations Manager.

This application is not available to the public.

To Obtain This Rank

The following is required in order to apply for this rank:

  • The player must be in the SCR official ROBLOX group and be in the official Discord server.
    • The player must be at least 13 years old due to Discord TOS reasons, or even older depending on their country.
  • The player must be a current Supervisor.
  • The player must have at least 6 months experience as a Supervisor.

Here are the steps to apply for this rank:

  1. Applicants must fill out an application in the official SCR Discord server. The opening and closing of the applications are handled at the discretion of the Operations Manager.
  2. Once applicants have been selected, they would have to speak to their new line manager(s) for the next steps in being qualified for their new role.


  • This rank was removed as it was renamed to People Relations Advisor but was brought back as its own separate role in May 2020.
  • Like People Relations Advisor, depending on the route, this can be the most time-consuming role to achieve, especially if you went for Signaller and Senior Signaller before applying, due to that this requires experience in time and both Signaller and Senior Signaller need applications to be passed.
  • In The Big Update, before ranks (like Executive/Director Ranks) got renamed, this rank was called Network Supervisors.
  • On the 10th December 2020, the then last two People Relations Advisors have been promoted to this role. This effectively made the PRA rank vacant, until it was removed on 1 November 2021.