This page is about the limited-service station served by Stepford Connect. For the horse racecourse adjacent to the station, see: Millcastle Racecourse (Building).


Millcastle Racecourse is a limited-service through station near Millcastle. It is served by Stepford Connect, yet has platforms for Stepford Express that are currently not in use. It is served by Stepford Connect services to Westwyvern, Llyn-by-the-Sea, Edgemead, Leighton Stepford Road and St Helens Bridge. Stepford Express, which runs along the Connect Line, passes this station.

Platform Layout

>> Passing service direction

Platform Service
1 Stepford Connect services to Westwyvern and Llyn-by-the-Sea
>> Not in use (Skipping Stepford Express services)
<< Stepford Connect services to Edgemead, Leighton Stepford Road and St Helens Bridge


Services from Millcastle Racecourse
Platform(s) Destination Route Number Calling At
1 Llyn-by-the-Sea R040 Millcastle, Westwyvern, Starryloch, Northshore and Llyn by the Sea
Westwyvern R025/R038 Millcastle and Westwyvern
4 St Helens Bridge R025 Westercoast, Faymere, Edgemead, Leighton City, Leighton Stepford Road, Rocket Parade, Water Newton, Hampton Hargate, Benton Bridge, Benton, Coxly, Bodin, Angel Pass and St Helens Bridge
Leighton Stepford Road R038 Westercoast, Faymere, Edgemead, Leighton City and Leighton Stepford Road
Edgemead R040 Westercoast, Faymere and Edgemead


  • This station is next to what seems to be a horse racecourse.
  • This station was shown in a signalling board sneak peek on the 28th of November.
  • This is the second station to be near a stadium, with the first one being Stepford United Football Club.
  • As of the V1.4 update, Platforms 2 and 3 are unused for unknown reason. They are the express passing platforms, making this station part of a 6-way tie between Whitney Green, Greenslade, Water Newton, Hampton Hargate, this station, and Millcastle for the most unused platforms of any station at two.
  • Of the nine routes that run through this station, only three of them - R025, R038 and R040 call here, making this station a very limited-stop station.
  • You can walk from this station to Millcastle.
  • Although Platforms 2 and 3 remain unused, the non-stop platform warning announcements for Stepford Express trains passing through the station are still sounded. The same applies to Platforms 2 and 3 at Millcastle.
  • Although being an undispatchable station, there are OFF indicators at this station for Guards. Elsemere Junction and Starryloch also share this trait. This may change in the future.
  • This station was made by Thehazad9.
  • This station, together with Upper Staploe, are the only two Connect stations which do not have a route calling at Stepford Central.


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