Closed Metro Office

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St Helens Park, before it was destroyed.


Metro was a planned operator, but it was cancelled and is being progressively opened as part of Stepford Connect. However, the other stations have been demolished (Not including the abandoned Coxly Newtown)

There is a building for Metro located near Whitefield station, but it looks more like a store or ticketing office rather than a whole building serving as headquarters, and the entrance to it is blocked.


Metro services were planned to run through these stations:


It has not been confirmed by the developers as to what routes Metro would've had, however, the demolished stations in the list above were part of a loop around Stepford known as the "Stepford Loop." A route could have existed along this loop.


While Metro never had a headquarters during the time it was being expanded, a small commercial building at Whitefield bearing its name was introduced in V1.4.1. The building is boarded up, indicating that the operator has closed its doors permanently.

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