Closed Metro Office

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Cancelled Feature

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Metro is a cancelled operator intending to connect Stepford City with various districts around Stepford County, such as Coxly, Winstree, Morganstown, Whitefield, Berrily and Stepford Airport.

If in use today, the route could be classified as commuter rail due to its short travel times, but it could also be classified as regional rail due to its large amount of stations.

A  bright red  colour scheme was intended to be used by the operator.


Note: How the station name is written below denotes its status after Metro was scrapped:

  • strikethrough: demolished
  • underline: left abandoned
  • italics: transferred to other operators at first, but still demolished ultimately. 
  • No Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikethrough: already used by Stepford Connect and/or other operators before Metro started construction

All other stations were transferred to Connect after Metro was shelved.

Routes and rolling stock

The developers had never confirmed what routes and rolling stock Metro would have before it was scrapped.

Depots and Sidings

Metro might be sharing depots with other operators along its line, as well as having its own depot, but it was never confirmed.


While Metro never had a headquarters during the time it was being expanded, a small commercial building at Whitefield bearing its name was introduced in V1.4.1. The building is boarded up, indicating that the operator has closed its doors permanently, or at least, it will not reopen again in the upcoming future.


  • Coxly Newtown was the only Metro station to be accessed by trespassing until V1.6 when it was walled up and gave a notice saying that "Metro no longer serves this station. Please use Coxly just 5 minutes up the road"
  • There's a corroded Metro sign laying on the ground near Coxly
  • Most of Stepford Connect's stations were originally to be run by Metro, e.g, the Whitefield branch, Stepford Victoria branch and the Morganstown branch
  • It also was going to have it's very own loop, running entirely in Stepford City Centre. It was planned to go after Stepford Victoria, going in a loop until arriving at St Helens Bridge. However, after Metro was cancelled, all of the stations on that loop which were solely serving Metro were demolished, with the exclusion of the remaining Stepford Victoria branch.
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