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Members are ranks in SCR apart from Supervisors, Managers, Developers and Directors. Members are made up of common players who are not obligated to be active in the community, though some do.

Rank list

Rank Department Amount of users Description
Guest N/A All players in SCR that have not joined the group This is the rank you show up as if you haven't joined the Roblox group.
Trainee Driver (TD) Driving 162,320 as of 06/10/2021 This is the rank you automatically get when you join the Roblox group of SCR. This rank itself does not provide any extra benefits than guests, except that you are eligible to join Qualified Driver trainings when you earnt 60 experience.
Qualified Driver (QD) Driving 14,246 as of 06/10/2021 This is the rank you get after successfully passing the Qualified Drivers Training. They do the same job as Trainee Drivers but have more perks in the community such as ability to take part in in-game shifts and applications.
Dispatcher (DS) Dispatching 5,530 as of 06/10/2021 This is the rank you get after passing the Dispatcher Training. This rank will allow you access to the dispatching role in a public server.
Guard (GD) Guarding 10,632 as of 06/10/2021 This is the rank you will acquire after passing Guard Training. You will be able to guard a train after the driver accepts you.
Signaller (SG) Signalling 771 as of 06/10/2021 This is the only member rank that needs an application before being trained to become the rank. This rank will grant access to the ability of controlling signals in the SCR network in a public server, some in-game commands, and more perks in the community.

When Training 2.0 is extended to Signallers, Google Forms applications for this rank are being removed. With that, some commands will be changed to be done automatically instead of by Signallers.


  • Signallers are members, but some people call it a 'Middle Rank' because of the mandatory application process and the fact that they have access to some commands and perks in-game like Supervisors have.
    • Although there were "Low Ranks" and "High Ranks" before, "Middle Ranks" never existed.
  • Members used to be called Low Ranks. However, this was changed because this made Members look very inferior to Supervisors (called High Ranks back then) and higher.