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Use this page to customize the tags that appear on user profiles. Separate usernames and tags by a pipe (|). To display multiple tags for a user, separate each tag text with commas. Write each username on a new line.


ExampleUsername | Trainee, Newbie
ExampleUsername2 | Guru

Do NOT edit this unless you are an admin or above.

Omegamezle                   | Administration, Founder
Vagueflunky8890              | Administration, Veteran
Billythepet                  | Administration
Mathew Revial                | Administration, Top Contributor, Veteran
Flippy12052004               | Administration, Veteran
PineappleMaster2YT           | Administration, Top Contributor, Veteran
TheSaladLine                 | Administration
Pierre777                    | Administration
Milwaukee 148 PC             | Administration, OG SCR Wikia editor, wisconsinite
JiveOff                      | Moderator
Antimony6322                 | Moderator
CollinAnimations             | Moderator
TheAk220905                  | Moderator
KindTrainboy3                | Moderator
RoastedFanta                 | Moderator
SpeonkTheMighty              | Moderator
Milossil                     | Top Contributor
RoccoLoL98701                | Veteran
ZariDim                      | Veteran
Andyandy2005                 | Veteran
Ethan2226                    | Veteran
Andyandy2005                 | Veteran
Faded-B Fox                  | Veteran
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