The Managers rank is the second highest ranks of Stepford County Railway responsible for specific departments of the High Ranks, as well as employment of new ranks of each department.

Title Manager Department Description
Head of Driver Operations Mattyx2013 Driving Head of the Qualified Drivers and Leading Drivers and reads through Leading Driver applications. Ranks the Trainee Drivers that passed the Qualified Driver training. Most active manager because of often QD trainings. JiveOff substituted for 2 weeks in July because of Matty being on Vacation.
Head of Platform Operations choclatesalty123 Dispatch Head of the Dispatchers and Platform Supervisors and reads through Platform Supervisor applications. Ranks the QDs that passed the dispatcher training. JiveOff added as DC around late July. JiveOff resigned on the 20th October 2018 due to busy schedule for him.
Head of Network Signalling billythepet Signalling Head of the Signallers and Senior Signallers and reads through Signaller and Senior Signaller applications. Ranks the DSs that successfully passed the signaller assessment.
Head of Operational Standards cg7033 All Departments General head of the Managements Department.
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