The Managers rank is the second highest ranks of Stepford County Railway, responsible for specific departments of the High Ranks, as well as employment of new ranks of each department.

Title Occupant(s) Department Description
Head of Driver Operations Stece_Sama


Driving Head of Qualified Drivers and Leading Drivers, responsible for ranking new Qualified Drivers via Trainings and appointing Leading Drivers via Application.

Former HDOs were Mattyx2013 and JiveOff. This rank was formerly known as Head Driver, or HD.

Head of Platform Operations Al_Vids


Dispatch Head of Dispatchers and Senior Dispatchers, responsible for ranking new Dispatchers via Trainings and approving Senior Dispatchers via Application.

Former HPOs were JiveOff and choclatesalty123. This rank was formerly known as Dispatch Controller, or DC.

Head of Network Signalling billythepet


Signalling Manager of Signallers and Senior Signallers, responsible for ranking new Signallers and appointing new Senior Signallers via the application. This rank was formerly known as the CCM, or Control Centre Manager. AMAviation was formerly an HNS.
Head of People Engagement JiveOff


People Engagement The Head of People Engagement promotes engagement from players and staff members to assure a positive experience in Stepford County Railway.

This rank was known as the Head of Workforce Development, or HWD, which is responsible for the amount of staffing within a rank.

Head of Operational Standards IslandLine All Departments General head of the Management Department, responsible for the operations of SCR's trainings and ranking procedures.

Former HOS was cg7033. This rank was formerly known as Operational Standards Manager, or OSM.

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