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The Managers rank group is the second highest rank group of Stepford County Railway, responsible for specific departments of the Supervisors, as well as employment of new ranks of each department. The Offices of the managers can be found at Stepford Central.

Title Occupant(s) Department Description
Driver Managers (DM) Michelleeeeeee


Driving Manager of Trainee Drivers, Qualified Drivers, and Lead Drivers, responsible for ranking new Qualified Drivers via trainings and appointing Lead Drivers via an application.

Former DMs were DauntlessRBLX, Tr_ain, Mattyx2013, and JiveOff. This rank was formerly known as Head of Driver Operations (HDO), Head Driver (HD) and Senior Driver Manager (SDM).

Platform Managers (PM) TheSiriusET


Dispatch Manager of Dispatchers and Senior Dispatchers, responsible for ranking new Dispatchers via trainings and approving Senior Dispatchers via an application.

Former PMs were MortyOfficial, Al_Vids, JiveOff and choclatesalty123. This rank was formerly known as the Head of Platform Operations (HPO) and Dispatch Controller (DC)

Guard Managers(GM) eduardbnb


Guarding Manager of Guards and Senior Guards, responsible for ranking new Guards via training and approving Senior Guards via an application.

The former GMs were TransportForWales and FrostedPlasma13. This rank was formerly known as Head of Guard Operations (HGO)

Signaller Managers (SM) thestargateking


Signalling Manager of Signallers and Senior Signallers, responsible for ranking new Signallers and appointing new Senior Signallers via an application.

Former SMs were AMAviation, TransportForWales, ThePolishDJ and metromaster00. This rank was formerly known as Head of Network Signalling (HNS) and Control Center Manager (CCM)

Engagement Managers (EM) Samproductions


SCR_AutoRank (bot)

Community Engagement The Engagement Managers promote engagement from players and staff members to assure a positive experience in Stepford County Railway.

Former EMs were JiveOff and Doodgewoonbas. This rank was formerly known as the Head of Workforce Development (HWD) and Head of People Engagement (HPE).

Head of Operations(HOO) IslandLine All Departments Manages the Operations Department as a whole. Also assists other operational managers when needed.

Former HOOs include FrostedPlasma13, ATEKGaming, hv9690, RLSJ1997 and cg7033. This rank was formerly known as Operational Standards Manager (OSM) and Head of Operational Standards (HOS).

Operations Managers (OM) metromaster00


All Departments Manager of Mobile Operations Supervisors. In charge of the collection and analysis of training and group statistics, as well as assisting in other departments when needed.

This rank was formerly known as Head of Operational Delivery (HOD).

Former manager ranks

Title Former users Department Description
Head of Customer Relations (HCR) cg7033 Relations The HCR was a former manager who dealt with the relations of customers, which were queries that couldn't be dealt with by Supervisors were passed onto the HCR. They also made sure tickets are cleared within the correct time to avoid delays. Finally, this manager was the person who updated SCR's social media. The role was removed when cg7033 was promoted to Relations Director.