Llyn-by-the-Sea is a terminus interchange between Stepford Connect and Stepford Express. It is the southern terminus of both lines. This station is managed by Network Rail.

This station is served by Stepford Connect services to Leighton Stepford Road, Stepford Central, Willowfield and Stepford Victoria and Stepford Express services to Stepford Central.

Track & Platform Layout

[- Terminus

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Terminating, Stepford Connect services to Leighton Stepford Road, Stepford Central, Willowfield and Stepford Victoria

Terminating, Stepford Express services to Stepford Central



  • This station is shown on the main menu.
  • This station was the 5th station to be revealed on the Llyn extension, revealed on October 18th, 2019.
  • This station is the end of the Stepford Main Line, which starts at Stepford Central.
  • This station, along with Northshore and Starryloch, is roughly parallel to Stepford Central - Morganstown - Leighton Stepford Road line. It is mentioned on the Stepford Connect Network map.
  • Llyn has a new kind of junction introduced to SCR called "Alternating Points". "They switch from straight to diverging with each train to help ease the load and spread out the arrivals at Llyn-by-the-Sea. We'll see where else we can use this to add some extra variety to the terminals." - BanTech
  • This is the 7th station that is operated by Network Rail instead of SCR (the other six are Stepford Victoria, Stepford Central, Stepford East, St Helens Bridge, Morganstown and Benton).
  • This station is based of a Welsh station name . If the name is translated to English, it means "Lake".
  • The inspiration of this station is debatable. Some in the community say it is based on Penzance in Cornwall, but others say it is based on London King's Cross. Lesser arguments include Liverpool Lime Street, London Liverpool Street and other stations.
  • This is the second station in SCR to have a terminating platform serving more than one operator, unlike other terminal stations (e.g. Stepford Central). Leighton Stepford Road was the first.
  • Platforms 2 and 7 are the most commonly used platforms.
  • You can walk to the beach from this station.
  • The station's signage before V1.6 (and the large sign outside the station) says 'Llyn by-the-sea', using a lowercase 's'. However, the maps and destination boards display 'Llyn-by-the-Sea', using an uppercase 'S'.
  • The speed limit entering into and leaving from this station is 15 MPH, among the lowest speed limit in the entire game. The only other 15 MPH speed limit is located at Faymere Green TMD. The previously unused Waterline Shuttle tracks between Morganstown and Morganstown Docks had a 15 MPH speed limit, but it was upgraded to 30 MPH when it opened in V1.6.
  • If your render distance is high enough, you can see the Stepford City Zone over the sea.
  • It is possible to jump on this station's canopy, however doing so in a public server is considered trespassing.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • This is the only station that serves more than two lines that doesn't have a fixed platform layout. This means it is possible for there to be 7 Express trains here at the same time, or 7 Connect or any in between.
  • Before V1.4 (and before The Big Update), this station could be accessed, and per announcements, was just "Llyn".
  • Llyn-by-the-sea is the farthest station from Stepford Central via rail. A full Stepford Connect service from Stepford Central to Llyn-by-the-Sea would take 42 minutes, which can be done as R024.


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