This was the sign that was at the end of the platforms until V1.1

A Class 707 bound for Leighton City in December of 2018

Leighton City station, located at the southern end of the Leighton Zone, is a small through station for Stepford Connect services on the St. Helen's Bridge to Edgemead route as well as the Stepford Victoria to Edgemead route (exclusive to the Class 68).

The station is designed to be used for through services, which finally came to light in V1.1, when the station was used for services to and from Edgemead.

Despite being called Leighton City, it is not at all connected to Leighton Stepford Road or Rocket Parade via road, and the only thing that would suggest that it is actually in a city is that the platforms are underground.

Platform No. Use
1 Stepford Connect services to Edgemead
2 Stepford Connect services to St. Helen's Bridge and Stepford Victoria


  • Though city is in its name, Leighton City doesn't look like a city at all. The scenery is just a street with a building.
  • Before 12/31/2018, the station served as a terminus for train from St. Helen's Bridge.
  • Before Version 1.1, if you proceeded past a sign that read 'LINE CLOSED - DO NOT PASS' at the end of the platform, you would be ejected from your train automatically. This is like James Street station currently. Beyond the tunnel is Edgemead.
  • Leighton City is one of the very few stations to be mostly underground.
  • Trains to Stepford Victoria are only operated by Class 68 units, due to the limited route provided for drivers of the train.
  • The station was planned to serve Stepford Central-bound trains, but the idea was turned down.
  • Before Ver 1.1, you couldn't dispatch at this station and Platform 2 was unused, Platform 1 served as a temporary terminating platform. The same system is placed in James Street.
  • This station was originally going to be called Leighton.
  • This was the original terminus of the Stepford Main Line.
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