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This page is about the official game pre-Version 1.0. For the games resembling this era, see Legacy Edition

Legacy refers to SCR before V1.0 (The Big Update). This section is dedicated to preserving the old information and adding information that is known and provable by evidence. It is unlikely that any of these operators will ever be added to Stepford County Railway in the future, as Metro is officially cancelled, Tramlink is also officially cancelled, and High Speed has been integrated into Stepford Express.


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Please note that none of the following operators were ever present in Stepford County Railway. Although tracks for these legacy operators were laid and stations were built, they were never put to use. It is unlikely that any of these operators will ever be added to Stepford County Railway in the future.


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Metro would have been a line operating a similar style of services as Stepford Connect. However, it was cancelled. Most Metro stations have now been demolished, or repurposed to be served by Stepford Connect. The only two Metro stations still standing are Coxly Newtown and the old Upper Staploe, but players can't spawn there. After the Coxly scenery upgrade in V1.6, the station was filled up, with a sign saying: Metro services no longer operate here, please use Coxly station just 5 minutes up the road. Before the scenery upgrade, there were two platforms before the upgrade.


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Tramlink would have been a line operated by trams. Only a few Tramlink stations remain in the game, some of which can be seen between Whitney Green and Greenslade. Because the line has never opened, some have accused Tramlink of being vaporware. The stations of Berrily Denton Road and West Berrily, which can be found beyond Greenslade, has been demolished as of V1.7, with grass being grown on the Tramlink tracks in Whitney Green, which might have signified the cancellation of Tramlink, and was confirmed by the Directors during a Q&A session in October 2020.

High Speed

High Speed was a potential plan for another operator. There was only 1 remaining piece of High Speed infrastructure remaining, the High Speed platforms at Berrily Denton Road. However, as of V1.4.5, these have been removed. All High Speed only lines have been lifted. This excludes the southern section of Morganstown Junction, which was going to be part of Metro as well. Former Legacy maps showed that High Speed is going to pass through Morganstown, and in V1.7, Stepford Express services commenced to Morganstown, signifying the partial integration of High Speed into the Stepford Express network.


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In the first ever versions of SCR, there were buses which users would spawn on the car park outside Stepford Town's (now known as Stepford Central) entrance. They however were useless as said station lacked roads to drive the buses on. It is unknown if the road network around Hallam Square was going to be expanded. They were removed a short time after Stepford Town opened.


  • It seems that January 2018 is when most of SCR's plans were changed. The ROC was relocated from Coxly to Benton and Angel Pass opened. It was also when Stepford Express infrastructure appeared.