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Lead Driver [LD] is a Supervisor rank, senior to drivers, and involves assisting with the training of new Qualified Drivers and working with the Supervisor team. Lead Drivers get moderation permissions in-game and in the Discord server to keep the game and discord running smoothly. They can also co-host Dispatcher, Guard and Signaller trainings.

This application is currently closed.

To Obtain This Rank

The following is required in order to achieve this rank:

  • The minimum age requirement is 13 years or older.
  • Applicants must be in the SCR official ROBLOX group and the official Discord server.
  • Applicants must be ranked Qualified Driver or above to apply.

If applicants have surpassed the following requirements, there are a few steps when applying:

  1. Fill out an application for the Lead Driver role. They open at the discretion of the Driver Manager.
  2. If accepted, the second step is to attend four training sessions that each focus on a different area, before taking the LD Quiz.
  3. Upon passing the Quiz, they will have to attend a few Qualified Driver trainings as Host and Co-Host to become an officially qualified Lead Driver.

 Former Names

  • Leading Driver [LD]


  • Before V1.5, Lead Drivers could not dispatch or signal even if they were trained before. Guarding does not count as it did not exist at that time.
  • On the 30th May 2020, SCR renamed the rank to Lead Driver. Before this change was made, they were called Leading Drivers.
  • In the December 2020 batch of applicants, there were only 60% of the normal amount of applications and only 8 passed.
  • In the July 2021 batch of applicants, there were 587 applicants and 11 passed. Two Supervisors transferred to the department.
  • In the June 2022 batch of applicants, there were 1001 applicants and 13 passed, including one Supervisor who transferred to the department.
  • This rank is the only Supervisor rank to have a two-letter abbreviation, as the other ranks currently have three-letter abbreviations.