James Street is a through station that currently operates as a terminus, serving Waterline trains to Newry.

Platform Layout

Platforms Services
1 Terminating, Waterline services to Newry
2 Future Waterline extension used


  • The buildings surrounding it was not added until its release.
  • This station, though a terminal station, has no buffers. If you attempt to go beyond the station or even if you overshoot the platform by just the shortest bit, you will be ejected from your train immediately. This is similar to Leighton City before Version 1.1, Port Benton on Stepford Connect, Leighton Stepford Road terminating (platforms 2 and 3 only) and Airport Terminal 2 on Airlink, but instead of the error message saying "Scheduled terminus missed or avoided." it says "Invalid track detected." When the extension beyond this station is released, this message may be inaccessible, unless the next station will be extended too, but it will probably have the extension added and no more stations.
  • The station itself is in a large trench which is unusual.
  • Many people have been requesting to add buffers at the end of the platform because it is very easy to overshoot the platform, but the developers refused, saying there will be at least one station after James Street. However, as of Version 1.6, buffers have been added.
  • The train frequency at this station is low, due to the fact that very few drivers choose to drive Waterline and if they do, it is unlikely they will choose R014.
  • The destination signs at Benton do not mention this route. It will probably be changed when the extension beyond this station is released.
  • This station is like Leighton City between V1.0 and V1.1.
  • This station is designed to be a through station, but is currently a terminus. When the extension is released, this will be a through station and platform 2 will be in use. The crossover track at platform 1 towards Newry will probably be deleted.
  • This station only has 1 station beyond it, but there could be more stations like in the Llyn extension.
  • This station, Edgemead and Beaulieu Park have no CIS Boards or Concourse Information Boards.
  • If your render distance is high enough, you can see a Purple building with an ATC Tower west of the station, which is probably the building of Airport Terminal 2.
  • This station has step-free access.
  • Currently, there ARE stations beyond James Street, but they will most likely be upgraded like most.
  • As of the 1.6.0 update there is finally a buffer at platform 1. It is most likely going to be removed when the waterline extension comes out.
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