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James Street is a through station that currently operates as a temporary terminus, serving Waterline services to Newry.

This station is infamous for its outdatedness and the extremely late planned extension that will take place beyond it.

Track & Platform Layout

-] Terminus

<< >> (Future) Passing Service Direction

Platforms/Tracks Services/Use
1 Temporary terminating platform for Waterline services to Newry, future platform for services to another station
-] / >>
<< Not in use, future platform for Waterline services


Platform(s) Previous station Route Next station
1 Airport West
Waterline Emoji.png R014
to Newry
Unused (to be opened for service in Version 1.10)

Announcements of James Street

Stepford Connect
AirLink & Stepford Express


  • The buildings surrounding it were not added until its release.
  • This station, along with Newry Harbour, Airport West and Morganstown, only has one Waterline route serving them.
  • This station, though a terminal station, used to have no buffers. Many people have been requesting to add buffers at the end of the platform because it is very easy to overshoot the platform, but the developers refused, saying there will be at least one station after James Street. However, as of Version 1.6, buffers have been added.
  • Before V1.6, if a Driver attempted to go beyond the station or even if you overshot the platform by just the shortest bit, they would be ejected from their train immediately, with an error message saying "Invalid track detected". A buffer was added at the end of the platform in V1.6, so Drivers cannot be despawned with this message anymore.
    • In an SCR development series by Innovations Director BanTech, the episode talked about how the tracks no longer relied on sensors, which may be the reason for the buffer being added, meaning people can't access the unopened areas.
  • This station itself is in a large trench which is unusual.
    • This station along with Rocket Parade are the only stations to be in a trench.
  • The train frequency at this station is low, due to the fact that only one route, R014, stops here and very few drivers choose to drive Waterline. Even if they do, it is unlikely they will choose R014.
  • Before V1.6, the Waterline platform signs at Benton did not mention this station.
  • This station looked similar to Leighton City between V1.0 and V1.1.
  • This station is designed to be a through station, but is currently a terminus. When the extension is released, this will be a through station and Platform 2 will be in use. The crossover track at platform 1 towards Newry will probably be demolished.
  • This station and Upper Staploe both have no CIS Boards or Concourse Information Boards.
  • If the player's render distance is high enough, they can see a purple building with an ATC tower west of the station, which is the building of Airport Terminal 2.
  • The infamous James Street Extension has been rumoured for years. Many thought it would release along with the Willowfield extension in V1.6, however this never happened. Multiple Developers and Directors have confirmed the extension, but multiple recent updates have not included its release.
    Bantech confirming the James Street Extension.PNG
    • In January 2021, Managing Director Charlie_RBX released a poll in the in the official SCR Discord Server, asking the community to select either the Waterline James Street Extension or a newly proposed Stepford Connect extension (somewhere between Leighton and Llyn) should be added as the final extension for SCR. As of 31 May 2021, James Street extension gained 5575 votes while the Connect extension gained 2096 votes.
    • Despite the calls for the James Street Extension are higher, the release of a sneak peek of an unknown Stepford Connect station on 22 August 2021 had once led to anticipations that the Waterline Extension was ultimately aborted. However, some suggested that the developers might decide to do both extensions.
    • Later during a Developer Q&A on 23 October 2021, Charlie_RBX confirmed the latter anticipation will take place. Although the Waterline extension will still be built, it will not occur in Version 1.8, but in a later update as part of the Airport Zone (including James Street) huge overhaul.
  • It was originally planned to have more than one station past James Street, but Managing Director Charlie_RBX said that the extension will be cut down to just one station due to the size of the Willowfield extension. However, a sneak peek of Farleigh and an unknown Waterline station published on 7 August 2022 and 24 July 2022 respectively prompted speculations in the community that there will be more than one station for the Waterline Extension.
  • Beyond the buffers of this station, it continues to run in the tunnels until it comes out. When it rises, the tracks are strangely red. It keeps going until the tracks double up, where one of the tracks rise unsupported to cross the others. The line then stretches out into nothingness.
    • In a development stream a few years ago, BanTech said the reason for the red tracks is because they need to be replaced.
    • Before V1.7, there was an unopened and unnamed station before the void and the tracks splitting. However the station has been demolished in the mentioned update strangely.
  • Some people humourously view this station as cursed or creepy, since it has been left virtually untouched since its release unlike many other stations on the network. This is also due to the fact that the surrounding area lacks any form of scenery whatsoever.