James Street station is a terminus station that serves WaterLine trains from Newry.

Platform Layout

Platform Number Service
Platform 1 Terminating, WaterLine services to Newry
Platform 2 Not in use


  • This station, though a terminal station, has no buffers. If you attempt to go beyond the station, you will be ejected from your train immediately. This is similar to Leighton City before V1.1.
  • The station itself is in a large trench which is unusual.
  • Many people have been requesting to add buffers at the end of the platform because it is very easy to overshoot the platform, but the developers refused, saying there will be at least one station after James Street.
  • The station's frequency depends if someone is willing to go and travel on a 'fishy' route. In fact, the sign at Benton does not mention this branch.
  • This station lacks S Car Markers.
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