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|Current ID
|Current ID
|Creator of trains, stations or the admins are ranked BanTech
|Unknown - Present
|Unknown - Present

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The Innovations Director is mainly responsible for the development and coding of Stepford County Railway. This person has admin/super admin permissions in-game and on Discord server of SCR. Position-wise, he is the 2nd most powerful person in SCR.

His BanTech Systems Headquarters is located next to Rocket Parade station.

Who Is The Current ID? 

The current ID is BanTech.

How to apply for this Job

Currently, there is no way to get this rank,

Former Names of Rank

  • Chief Development Officer - [CDO]
  • Infrastructure Manager - [IM]

What Is The Manager Role For ID?

The manager role for ID is Product Developer.

List of Innovations Director 




Reason for


Dates Served


1. BanTech Current ID Creator of trains, stations or the admins are ranked BanTech Unknown - Present
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