High Ranks are ranks that are superior to the Low Ranks (Trainee Driver, Qualified Driver, Dispatcher, and Signaller). Currently, there are four different high rank roles.

Leading Driver - Leading Drivers are high rank roles that are senior to drivers. Leading Drivers host Qualified Driver trainings, and they have admin commands in Discord/SCR game server to keep the game running smoothly. Their boss is the Head of Driver Operations.

Senior Dispatcher - Senior Dispatchers are senior to dispatchers. They host Dispatcher trainings as well as keep the game without conflicts. Their bosses are the Head of Platform Operations.

Senior Signaller - Senior Signallers are senior to signallers. They host signaller training sessions and assessments, as well as working with other high rank roles. Their boss is the Head of Network Signalling.

Mobile Operations Supervisor - This is a hard rank to obtain. They can host any of the trainings and have access to all High Rank and under roles. The MOS’ are appointed by the Directors, applied for or given to retired managers. Their manager is the Head of Operational Standards.

Former Ranks Classified in this Category

Workforce Data Analyst - This was a new high rank added after V1.1 update. Workforce Data Analysts collected data about the number of people on each rank to record the growth of Stepford County Railway. Their line manager was the Head of Workforce Development, and their line Director was the Operations Director. This rank is unique since it is not senior to any of the Low Rank roles. This role was removed on June 14th, 2019 when Head of Product Development was introduced due to this role being too similar to Mobile Operations Supervisor.

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