The Head of Platform Operations is also known as [HPO]. The current HPOs are Al_Vids and MortyOfficial. This rank can be taken by more than one person.

The HPO is the Manager of the Dispatchers and Senior Dispatchers. The HPO is the head of the dispatching department.

How to apply for this Job

There are no current ways to get this position.

 Former Names of Rank

  • Dispatch Controller - [DC]


  • This rank was formerly known as Dispatch Controller. The change has been made by the Directors.

List of Head of Platform Operations

No. User Status Reason for Leaving Dates Served
1. Choclatesalty123 Retired. Inactivity April 8, 2018 -

January 23, 2019

2. JiveOff Retired Inactivity July 25th, 2018 -

October 20th, 2018

3. Al_Vids Current HPO - January 23, 2019 -


4, MortyOfficial Current HPO - November 19, 2019 -


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