The Head of Network Signalling, also known as [HNS], is the manager that controls and has the authority in the Stepford ROC. They have access to admin commands in Discord and in-game. They are the head of the whole Signaller department. The current HNSs are Billythepet and thestargateking.

The HNS is the Manager of the Signallers and Senior Signallers.

How to apply for this Job

There are no current ways to get this position.

 Former Names of Rank

  • Control Centre Manager - [CCM]

List of Head of Network Signalling

No. User Status Reason for Leaving Date Joined Date Left
1. AMAviation Resigned Left Roblox 9 April 2018 27 May 2018
2. billythepet Current HNS - N/A
3. TransportForWales Transferred to HOS, now GD 17 July 2019

(took over while Billy was away)

18 November 2019

17 September 2019

3 March 2020

4. ThePolishDJ Resigned to SG Unknown 3 March 2020 20 July 2020
5. metromaster00 Transferred to HOD - 2 October 2020 28 October 2020
6. thestargateking Current HNS 28 October 2020 N/A


  • Originally, there were two HNS': billythepet and AMAviation. However, when AMAviation quit Roblox, billythepet was left as the only HNS until TransportForWales joined him in November 2019.
  • This rank was formerly known as Control Centre Manager until the Directors made the decision to rename some of the ranks.
  • From 17 July 2019 to 17 September 2019, TransportForWales served as temporary Head of Network Signalling while billythepet was away. Transport returned to the position on 18 November 2019, making there 2 HNS once again.
  • On 3 March 2020, TransportForWales (now no longer Supervisor+) became HOS, alongside IslandLine (now HOS). This left an opening in the HNS role which was taken by ThePolishDJ. However, another opening was left after ThePolishDJ resigned on 20 July 2020. On 2 October 2020, metromaster00 ended up taking Polish's spot as HNS.
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