The Guest rank is a rank given to new players when they join a game server of Stepford County Railway without having first joined the Stepford County Railway group. Guests are allowed to drive and ride trains as Passengers. Many people call this role the 'noob' role as players with this role have not played the game much as they have not joined the group. Many people assume Guests to be bad drivers as they are usually new to the game. They are unable to attend any of the training in SCR; to be allowed to attend trainings, they must first join the Stepford Country Railway group and become a Trainee Driver. However, anyone may try the Dispatching and Signalling and Guard roles if they purchase and play in a VIP server. In practice, Trainee Drivers and guests have the same abilities.

Amenities available to guests:

Joining SCR and its Community!

If you are interested in Stepford County Railway, and you have the Guest rank, then you may want to read this information below.

  • You should join the SCR ROBLOX Group. Nothing starts without joining the group, as the group grants you the Trainee Driver rank, key to attending Qualified Driver trainings.
  • If you are at least 13 years of age, you should join the SCR Official Discord Server. The Discord Server will allow you to converse with other SCR players, and you may ask any questions or doubts you have regarding the system. Please note that a Discord account is required to be able to join.
  • If you are at least 13 years of age but don't want to join the Discord, you can still get information about upcoming updates or applications by searching @StepfordRail in Twitter.
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