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This page is about the rank in the SCR group. For the in-game role, see Guard (Role).

Guard, commonly referred to as [GD], is a member rank in SCR which is somewhat similar to the Dispatcher role. Guards are basically on-the-go dispatchers. It was announced in the "Change is Coming" video made by Head of Brand Design tpx_jm, posted on Innovations Director BanTech's YouTube channel and released to the public as Version 1.5.[1]

Trainings for this role are held at Stepford United Football Club, formerly at Faymere.

Avoiding demotion

  • Stand in a suitable position (e.g. next to the local door and face to the front of the train) where there are no obstructions, and where the Dispatcher is visible should there be one.
  • Do not wander away or stand too far from your train when dispatching.
  • Remember to check that the interlocking lights on the side of the train are off before whistling or showing the torch (moving to check them is allowed).
  • When holding the torch, ensure that the dispatcher can clearly see it, and do not move unnecessarily. Small movements may be acceptable, especially if visibility is trying to be improved between Guard and Dispatcher.
  • Do not dispatch on a red signal, unless the train has overshot the signal. This means whistling, closing the doors, or raising a torch.
  • Do not hold trains and not dispatch it for no reason.
  • Do not close the local door before entering the train. Close it once in the train.
  • Climbing on gantries, jumping over tracks to get to another platform (platform jumping), train surfing and trespassing are strictly prohibited.
  • Respect people no matter what rank they are.
  • Standing near trains off duty while in the guard role is prohibited. Being in the Guard role and running away from the rail network is highly discouraged. Travelling between stations is permitted, as long as confusion isn't made.
  • Don't go AFK when in the process of guarding a train.
  • If any interruptions occur (i.e. being flung), it is advised to respawn immediately.


  • Before V1.7.1, the training button would disappear if the player was a Guard or Signaller. If they got demoted to Dispatcher or below, the training button reappeared. However, when Training 2.0 was released, the guides were added into the training tab and the training tab returned for all players.
  • This role was suggested on the old BanTech Systems website and marked as accepted before the suggestions module was removed.
    • When the guard role was suggested for the first time via a DS meeting it was rejected.
  • The guard uniform is not available in the SCR Group Shop.
  • When the guard role was first introduced, many dispatchers who fulfilled the requirements attempted to join the training in order to become guards. Though the Supervisors had tried their best in holding as many training sessions as they can, the places available were far less than the demand and caused the guards training server becoming full in just a few seconds after server opening in the first few days, hence many dispatchers complained that they could never manage to join one. A small number of bad-tempered Dispatchers even spam and cause riots in the SCR Discord server and group wall because of this, which annoyed other people and even angered some Managers and Directors and ended up receiving a Discord ban or Guard training blacklist for such actions.
    • The criticism lowered after the SCR management made a reservation training system on May 7, which was retired in favour for a queue system.
    • However, some people continue to criticise the managers and directors as they weren't able to book a training. This was one of the reasons for the newer queue system.
  • As of V1.5, the Guard role is the newest role added to the game.


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